I’m already losing count.

Tabbed browsing is going to ruin me. Anyone know how I can turn it off? It’s too easy to have Facebook, Instagram and Gmail open and then nonchalantly open Amazon, Target, Google Shopping, pick you poison.

Going back to work after vacation/being sick is making it easier because I’m not home as much to shop online, I have less time, and the time I do spend at home is spent doing house-related things.

Vacation is where I did my last shopping. I have super sensitive eyes for a few reasons so I invested in a new pair of Ray Bans ($159) and a new handbag, $120 Guess satchel (which is my drug of choice). Therefore I have not actually done any shopping in a little over a week since we got back.

Like I said previously, this habit has not gotten me in any crazy debt we can’t pay off, I just imagine what we could have saved if I had not been doing it so much. We use one of our credit cards for our monthly spending and pay it off every month. We used a separate card for vacation because it offered no foreign transaction fees, and that is paid off. I would occasionally spend on a store card, Macy’s or Kohl’s, because you would get an extra discount or something. I’d pay it off right away to avoid interest. It was still so much spending though. So much unnecessary spending. I’d like to find a way to track how much I’m saving but my spending wasn’t consistent so I’m not sure how, maybe I can average based on our credit card statements?

Finally feeling like a normal person again, I have the windows open to air out the sick but I think the husband is getting it now. Thank goodness cats can’t get sinus infections from their hoomans.


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