Working all weekend hinders shopping

I am currently a waitress. I had a full-time job that imploded in January. But because waitressing is my full-time job and I work with mostly students I get a lot of shifts that other people can’t take. Today is my only day off work this week and I have a very long list of things to accomplish. The only shopping-related things are the grocery store and a trip to BJ’s for K-Cups (mostly for my dad,  I use them occasionally but I mostly use the Keurig adapter for my own coffee). I do love BJ’s though and I love buying things for my house.

The deal is my house does not need anything. I live in a smaller townhome, which is a perfect home for me and the husband currently. Like I have said previously it is us and our two cats and sometime in the future a child or two. I have to be careful with what I bring in. I have been very good at avoiding clutter. Since it is a smaller home, more crap makes it look smaller and more cluttered and I abhor clutter. I’ve done everything in my power to keep it to things we use all the time, I could probably clear out our laundry room a bit if I really sat down to do it (and snuck out the things behind my husbands back, he does not like to get rid of stuff).

I also eat before I go grocery shopping. This is in my best interest because I am one of those people who will buy EVERYTHING that looks good because I’m hungry. I’m on the prowl for healthy snacks, someone on posted a recipe for roasted chickpeas which I am going to try to make today along with my first attempt at Saag.

Maybe I’ll start posting new meals I try? I do like to cook and bake and I need to spice this thing up a bit.

I’m also thinking of doing a summer wardrobe run down soon.





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