Finding Other Focuses

Everyone I know is always attempting a diet or a new exercise plan, my sister (I have one of those, and she has a husband, my lovely brother-in-law), my best friend who lives 1000 miles away, we talk about it all the time. I have a gym membership I haven’t used in awhile.

That is not without reason though, I lost my full-time job in January and since then I have been waitressing. I have a Fitbit and according to that, I walk over 10,000 steps every time I work, sometimes 20,000 on a double. Waitressing is exhausting, I am 28, have been working office jobs since I was 22 and am out of shape. I got a gym membership to Retro Fitness for the spin classes, which I did religiously for a while when I was still working a desk job. I found they worked for me specifically because they were scheduled. It wasn’t up to me when to drag my sorry butt to the gym, I HAD to go. I signed up, I was taking up a spot, I went.

Now with shopping out of my life, I’m finding that I need other things to focus on and I’m trying to figure out what those should be. First thing is going to be my health, not that I’m in bad health but we all have room for improvement. Based on the shifts I mostly work, I can do the spin classes at my gym again! Monday night, Wednesday morning and Saturday morning (as soon as this sinus infection goes away and I can breathe normally again). I’m also back to using the Fitbit app. I usually just let it count my steps so I can kick other people’s butts in the work week challenge, but I’m tracking my food and my water now.

My weakness has always been sweets, chocolate, brownies, especially cookies, have always been my drug of choice. I’m doing my best to cut those out except a little splurge during PMS, because duh.

Update from the last post: I did the thing! I went to BJ’s, got ONLY what I needed. I went to the grocery store and got only what we needed. I am going to start working on a regular list so there are no random purchases there. I made Saag last night at my husband’s request, for the first time, and that was also a success. I did not make one random stop at Target or Marshall’s so I shall pat myself on the back for that one.



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