The Kids Now Take Care of Their Parents

It has been a long week.

I just worked six days in a row and according to my Fitbit, I walked about 38 miles. My feet hurt but I made money, so there’s always a silver lining.

Today is my first day off and the husband and I were able to go see my parents and my sister, who I have not seen since she got back from a work trip to India and also my husband’s mom who I haven’t seen since I’ve been working every Sunday.

Speaking of working weekends, I have a job interview on Wednesday morning! It is a temp-to-hire place here where I live and the job would be in my town so no crappy commute, BUT here’s where the bottom falls out from under me.

My mother has been disabled since the year I graduated high school, meaning 2007. She managed to injure herself back in November 2016 and my dad had to take off work because my mother is wheelchair bound and her ankle was injured, she couldn’t get herself back and forth to the bathroom or to the kitchen to make breakfast, THEN my dad had to have surgery for an issue so he was off work for another six weeks. All in all, he was off for about five months. Now she has managed to hurt her wrist and has issues going to the bathroom and my dad has no way to take off any longer, so I am going to take care of her during the day from 7 am to 2pm-ish, so any full time, 9-5, no weekend working job, is shot.

I can’t leave my parents high and dry without any help, and to hire help is extraordinarily expensive.

Enough about my issues.

I am still on the straight and narrow. I have gone without shopping since the last time I posted. I forget what day I am on already since I went a while without posting anything.

I was able to rekindle a previous passion I forgot I had, music. No, I can’t play anything, I have no rhythm, but I used to go to concerts ALL THE TIME. My husband does not like live music, but I found all my old CDs I left at my parent’s house when I moved out and I’ve been having a wonderful time listening to them and I’m going to put them on the computer soon so I can have them on my phone. Then I’m giving the CDs away, the last thing I need is more clutter.

I came up with a few things to potentially post about, I have already Konmari’d the crap out of my house so I thought I might share that experience, also:

  • My wardrobe
  • Makeup collection
  • Signature makeup look
  • Recipes (I just made scones)
  • The X Effect
  • Going back to school at 28 (shudder)
  • Project 333 previous attempt
  • Book collection, I have a few, and I’d love to use my Kindle more
  • My small wedding
  • All black wardrobe

I need to put my thoughts together more on some of it.

Day 16?/365


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