Having to Face Actual Problems

Well, this sucks.

Right now I work nights and with my mom’s current injury and taking care of her 7-2, school starting, and working at 4 pm most days, I have no time for myself, my house, or the husband.

I feel like I have nothing to escape to. Usually, I’d prowl around on Amazon or something, go to Target. Keep my mind on something else unimportant.

I need to go to the school to pick up my books, my classes are online. I need to go grocery shopping. I need to figure out this insurance issue we’re having with his chiropractor. I need to get up at 7 am and do laundry before I go to bed so I have work clothes for tomorrow. I need to start my actual classes tomorrow. I need to go to the bank. And I need to go take care of my mom 7-2 and then go to work 2 hours later with only time to eat and change in between.

My husband works four ten-hour days. We have off on Tuesday together but I’ll be spending the morning with my mom and then running freaking errands so I won’t see him anyway.

I am also finding myself annoyed with social media here lately for some reason. I’m sick of click-bait on Facebook and all these ads for things I don’t even want. Now Instagram has ads in between posts. I never liked Twitter to begin with.

I’m having trouble getting into books too. I love to read. I’ve tried 3 new ones so far, the only one vaguely keeping my interest is “Night of the Aurochs” from Dalton Trumbo. I do not know how to stop and unwind when I don’t have the time to do so.

I know I’m rambling and lots of other people have similar issues, but if anyone else has a way to keep their shit together, I’d love to know it.




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