I went to Catholic School until I was about eleven or so. While my sister and I went to Catholic school we wore uniforms. Little blue plaid jumpers and white collared shirts, tights and saddle shoes. When you hit sixth grade you could wear the skirts that all the girls would roll up above their knee.

Why did we stop?

When I began public school in a nicer area the girls were mean. Very mean. I remember being at the bus stop on my first day of sixth grade and I recall exactly what I wore, straight leg jeans, sneakers I guess were from Payless, a shirt I had received from a fundraiser at school and this blue Arizona Jeans hoodie that I LOVED and I think my sister still has, actually. My shirt was tucked into my jeans. This was 2000, mind you, and I was eleven. THEY WERE MERCILESS. The first day. A lot of the kids had gone to elementary school together but I was the new kid. You didn’t tuck your shirt into your pants apparently, you didn’t wear straight leg pants, you didn’t wear shoes from Payless.

You shopped at Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie. You wore Converse or ballet flats or sandals (I hated sandals, I still do). I came home in tears and my mom took me shopping that weekend not really understanding the big deal. I let myself be changed by these mean girls who mocked me to no end no matter what I did. Eventually, I stopped caring. Didn’t take too long either.

I wore what I wanted, jeans (mostly flares then), whatever shirt, lots of band shirts, actually, Converse. I went into a kind of a metalhead phase that stuck around until almost 2006.


You know what would have stopped all this and saved me and my parents a lot of money? UNIFORMS.

They’re EASY. There’s no guess work. There’s no making fun of what one person has and one person doesn’t. A long time ago public schools in my area were discussing a uniform for school and I was ALL FOR IT.

I’m 28 now and I’m too old for this shit. I have a winter uniform. (I live in Maryland, we get all four seasons). Jeans, skinny jeans to be exact. A black or navy blue sweater (I own about six at this point) and boots. I have three pairs of boots, one from Tommy Hilfiger with brown on the top, black ones from Anne Scott and black ones from Naturalizer (my favorites). That’s it. Who cares? They’re clothes. I look like a presentable human being and the worst I ever get is from family, “why do you always wear so much black?!” Because I can.

Summer is a bit more of a challenge. I hate summer. I hate heat, I hate the sun, I hate the beach. I don’t really go outside by choice, I do open windows on nice days and I do enjoy a good thunderstorm. I have very fair skin that burns easily and I’d like to stay skin cancer free if I can.

Summer mostly consists of skinny jeans/khakis/black capris and some sort of black shirt. I have a few colored shirts that get thrown in as well as some colored sweaters that I use to mix it up sometimes. And usually my black Naturalizer flats. As I get older I’ve gotten super picky about my footwear and try to stick to nicer brands that I wear out over the course of a year or so.

Getting dressed in the morning is super easy. Because it doesn’t matter. As I get older I care less about what people wear (not that I cared much to begin with) and more about them as a person. I find myself reading people more, do they seem like a good person? Are they rude? Do they have any kind of interests like I do? Or ones I can learn about from them? I had a great conversation with a girl at work the other day about books, she wants to read more and I’m a veritable walking library so we discussed Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski.

This is getting kind of long and I’ll make another post about things like Konmari and Project 333 later but I find some have worked better than others for me. I’ll work on some kind of inventory too if anyone is curious.



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