One Month! And necessary purchases.

I ALMOST did it. I ALMOST spent nothing extra this month.

Unfortunately, I did have to make a necessary purchase of socks. They got me, I had to. I wear those little bootie socks when I wear flats and mine have officially eaten it. I also had to make the purchase of powder, my favorite one, Rimmel Stay Matte, which I use EVERYDAY.

I am also on the hunt for new work pants. I have one pair of work pants and they are looking a little rough. They’re still going to be used, but I need a second pair to rotate them with, especially when I work multiple days in a row and they first pair gets dirty. I usually get them from Old Navy so I’m going to go online there later.

All-in-all, I don’t think it went too badly. It wasn’t too rough, there have been some struggles, no doubt there will be more. School work has definitely kept me busy, which is what I need to go do now.




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