Altering Clothing

Anyone ever dyed clothes?

I recently decided to try it out. I have a few sweaters that I LOVE the fit, they’re perfect, but I’m not crazy about the color. Two of them I ordered in black but it’s more of a super dark gray and 2 are navy colored and I’m not sure on dying those. I also have 2 green and a brown sweater that I also want to dye.

I did my research, I watched videos, googled, read articles, blogs. I bought four bottles of black Rit, one green, one scarlet (to counteract other colors) and the dye fixative.

I don’t want to buy new clothes, I’m still going strong, and hopefully, this will work and allow me to keep what I have.

I’ve been working doubles and I’m finishing up my first class now so I have had no time to shop, even if I wanted to.

I got my first Discover bill since this has all begun and it was surprisingly low. I wanted to start keeping our monthly expenses below $1000 and the monthly was $667, which I was very pleased with.

It’s been a minute since I posted and not much happening, still just school, work, house wifing pretty hard.

Lost track.


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