Altering Clothing

Anyone ever dyed clothes?

I recently decided to try it out. I have a few sweaters that I LOVE the fit, they’re perfect, but I’m not crazy about the color. Two of them I ordered in black but it’s more of a super dark gray and 2 are navy colored and I’m not sure on dying those. I also have 2 green and a brown sweater that I also want to dye.

I did my research, I watched videos, googled, read articles, blogs. I bought four bottles of black Rit, one green, one scarlet (to counteract other colors) and the dye fixative.

I don’t want to buy new clothes, I’m still going strong, and hopefully, this will work and allow me to keep what I have.

I’ve been working doubles and I’m finishing up my first class now so I have had no time to shop, even if I wanted to.

I got my first Discover bill since this has all begun and it was surprisingly low. I wanted to start keeping our monthly expenses below $1000 and the monthly was $667, which I was very pleased with.

It’s been a minute since I posted and not much happening, still just school, work, house wifing pretty hard.

Lost track.


One Month! And necessary purchases.

I ALMOST did it. I ALMOST spent nothing extra this month.

Unfortunately, I did have to make a necessary purchase of socks. They got me, I had to. I wear those little bootie socks when I wear flats and mine have officially eaten it. I also had to make the purchase of powder, my favorite one, Rimmel Stay Matte, which I use EVERYDAY.

I am also on the hunt for new work pants. I have one pair of work pants and they are looking a little rough. They’re still going to be used, but I need a second pair to rotate them with, especially when I work multiple days in a row and they first pair gets dirty. I usually get them from Old Navy so I’m going to go online there later.

All-in-all, I don’t think it went too badly. It wasn’t too rough, there have been some struggles, no doubt there will be more. School work has definitely kept me busy, which is what I need to go do now.



My closet.

So I thought this might be a good way for me to be aware of what I have, because I know there’s some stuff I can still get rid of that I’m not aware of.

I am currently letting my hair process to a new color (using eSalon, LOVE them) and thought I’d go through my drawers and closet and post what I have. So without further adieu…

  • 17-ish pairs of socks. Black and white. All Hanes. A few might be in the washer.
  • 12 pairs of underwear, all the same brand from Amazon.
  • 6 pairs of bootie socks. I wear flats almost exclusively throughout the summer months.
  • 12 tank tops. I wear them underneath everything.
  • 3 pairs of tights for dresser in the fall. All Merona brand, my favorite.
  • 4 pair of yoga pants.
  • 2 sports bras
  • 5 long sleeve shirts that I wear around the house.
  • 14 graphic t-shirts of varying origin. I struggle here. A lot of them are from my brother-in-law’s store and I love what they say. One from a concert I went to with my parents YEARS ago. And one or two of sentimental origin. How do I pair these down?!?!
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 2 pairs of khakis
  • 7 pairs of other pants, black, white red, yellow, etc…
  • 12 cardigans or varying color, yellow, mint, red, black…(I do not need 12 cardigans)
  • 10 black summer shirts
  • 7 blue summer shirts (navy and royal blue)
  • 15 long sleeve shirts, utility shirts, button downs
  • 12 sweaters, all black except for two which and yellow and teal and I love the fit of them.
  • One vest
  • 11 fall dresses, I can bare to get rid of a few of these
  • Two spring dresses
  • One high waisted skirt
  • One bathing suit
  • One cover up
  • Three scarves, one black, one gray, and one gray and white chevron
  • Two zip up hoodies, used for the gym or cold days at home
  • 2 pairs of flats
  • One pair of rain boots
  • One pair of sandals
  • One pair of kitten heels
  • One little black dress for weddings, funerals, etc
  • Three pairs of fall/winter boots.
  • One pair of beach flip flops

So to me, I still have too much stuff.

I don’t need 12 sweaters, I wear about 5 of them. I don’t need all those extra pants, but I am not just getting rid of them. I am going to do a wardrobe rehab like I am doing with my makeup rehab. I am going to rotate my clothes until they wear out, fall apart, or I spill red wine on them and the only thing I intend to keep are 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of khakis and a pair of black pants and a pair of black jeans.

I am pleased with my shoes. I wear all of them regularly and love all of them dearly. Although as they wear out I only intend to replace my Naturalizer flats and my Naturalizer boots and sandals. I wear the kitten heels once a year if that.

I would really love to get rid of some summer tops and some winter tops but I need to figure out what I wear the most and what is most beneficial and economical.

I’m doing this in my bedroom and I’m looking at my perfume and jewelry as well and will need to do an inventory. It’s not until you write it down that you really realize all the stuff you own!





I went to Catholic School until I was about eleven or so. While my sister and I went to Catholic school we wore uniforms. Little blue plaid jumpers and white collared shirts, tights and saddle shoes. When you hit sixth grade you could wear the skirts that all the girls would roll up above their knee.

Why did we stop?

When I began public school in a nicer area the girls were mean. Very mean. I remember being at the bus stop on my first day of sixth grade and I recall exactly what I wore, straight leg jeans, sneakers I guess were from Payless, a shirt I had received from a fundraiser at school and this blue Arizona Jeans hoodie that I LOVED and I think my sister still has, actually. My shirt was tucked into my jeans. This was 2000, mind you, and I was eleven. THEY WERE MERCILESS. The first day. A lot of the kids had gone to elementary school together but I was the new kid. You didn’t tuck your shirt into your pants apparently, you didn’t wear straight leg pants, you didn’t wear shoes from Payless.

You shopped at Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie. You wore Converse or ballet flats or sandals (I hated sandals, I still do). I came home in tears and my mom took me shopping that weekend not really understanding the big deal. I let myself be changed by these mean girls who mocked me to no end no matter what I did. Eventually, I stopped caring. Didn’t take too long either.

I wore what I wanted, jeans (mostly flares then), whatever shirt, lots of band shirts, actually, Converse. I went into a kind of a metalhead phase that stuck around until almost 2006.


You know what would have stopped all this and saved me and my parents a lot of money? UNIFORMS.

They’re EASY. There’s no guess work. There’s no making fun of what one person has and one person doesn’t. A long time ago public schools in my area were discussing a uniform for school and I was ALL FOR IT.

I’m 28 now and I’m too old for this shit. I have a winter uniform. (I live in Maryland, we get all four seasons). Jeans, skinny jeans to be exact. A black or navy blue sweater (I own about six at this point) and boots. I have three pairs of boots, one from Tommy Hilfiger with brown on the top, black ones from Anne Scott and black ones from Naturalizer (my favorites). That’s it. Who cares? They’re clothes. I look like a presentable human being and the worst I ever get is from family, “why do you always wear so much black?!” Because I can.

Summer is a bit more of a challenge. I hate summer. I hate heat, I hate the sun, I hate the beach. I don’t really go outside by choice, I do open windows on nice days and I do enjoy a good thunderstorm. I have very fair skin that burns easily and I’d like to stay skin cancer free if I can.

Summer mostly consists of skinny jeans/khakis/black capris and some sort of black shirt. I have a few colored shirts that get thrown in as well as some colored sweaters that I use to mix it up sometimes. And usually my black Naturalizer flats. As I get older I’ve gotten super picky about my footwear and try to stick to nicer brands that I wear out over the course of a year or so.

Getting dressed in the morning is super easy. Because it doesn’t matter. As I get older I care less about what people wear (not that I cared much to begin with) and more about them as a person. I find myself reading people more, do they seem like a good person? Are they rude? Do they have any kind of interests like I do? Or ones I can learn about from them? I had a great conversation with a girl at work the other day about books, she wants to read more and I’m a veritable walking library so we discussed Hunter S. Thompson and Charles Bukowski.

This is getting kind of long and I’ll make another post about things like Konmari and Project 333 later but I find some have worked better than others for me. I’ll work on some kind of inventory too if anyone is curious.


Having to Face Actual Problems

Well, this sucks.

Right now I work nights and with my mom’s current injury and taking care of her 7-2, school starting, and working at 4 pm most days, I have no time for myself, my house, or the husband.

I feel like I have nothing to escape to. Usually, I’d prowl around on Amazon or something, go to Target. Keep my mind on something else unimportant.

I need to go to the school to pick up my books, my classes are online. I need to go grocery shopping. I need to figure out this insurance issue we’re having with his chiropractor. I need to get up at 7 am and do laundry before I go to bed so I have work clothes for tomorrow. I need to start my actual classes tomorrow. I need to go to the bank. And I need to go take care of my mom 7-2 and then go to work 2 hours later with only time to eat and change in between.

My husband works four ten-hour days. We have off on Tuesday together but I’ll be spending the morning with my mom and then running freaking errands so I won’t see him anyway.

I am also finding myself annoyed with social media here lately for some reason. I’m sick of click-bait on Facebook and all these ads for things I don’t even want. Now Instagram has ads in between posts. I never liked Twitter to begin with.

I’m having trouble getting into books too. I love to read. I’ve tried 3 new ones so far, the only one vaguely keeping my interest is “Night of the Aurochs” from Dalton Trumbo. I do not know how to stop and unwind when I don’t have the time to do so.

I know I’m rambling and lots of other people have similar issues, but if anyone else has a way to keep their shit together, I’d love to know it.



Still Going Strong

The struggle is real though.

I have to buy my first makeup replacement today. My powder is almost empty and it broke, I use the Rimmel Stay Matte in Translucent. It costs about $6 at Walgreens but I need to be able to walk in, get the powder, get the cards I need to get (my sisters anniversary) and walk out, without perusing and purchasing any other makeup.

I enjoy doing my makeup. My husband always gives me the “but you’re so beautiful without it!” I don’t doubt he thinks that, but I enjoy doing my makeup. I look forward to getting up in the morning and doing new things. I am on a makeup rehab, I am using up what I have. I need to do an inventory but right now I am rotating per week. I choose a blush, eye palette, lip product, and foundation to use per week. I am down to the same mascara every time and the same eyeliners. I have a few primers, but I do have a favorite from Covergirl. Through doing all this I am hoping to find my favorites and only repurchasing those when I am through all the others.

I am keeping an eye on our finances just to see and find patterns. The one thing I am bad at and need to work on is purchasing food. I go to the grocery store once a week, I am careful about what I buy, I shop around the shelves, hitting the produce, fresh meats, and the dairy, but I have a weakness for things like Panera and Dunkin’ Donuts. The husband and I do also have the occasional drink and we had nothing in the house, so I hit the liquor store yesterday, spent $30, and that should hold us for a bit.

I might start keeping track of purchases on here from post-to-post. Anyone have any suggestions?

Day 17/365

The Kids Now Take Care of Their Parents

It has been a long week.

I just worked six days in a row and according to my Fitbit, I walked about 38 miles. My feet hurt but I made money, so there’s always a silver lining.

Today is my first day off and the husband and I were able to go see my parents and my sister, who I have not seen since she got back from a work trip to India and also my husband’s mom who I haven’t seen since I’ve been working every Sunday.

Speaking of working weekends, I have a job interview on Wednesday morning! It is a temp-to-hire place here where I live and the job would be in my town so no crappy commute, BUT here’s where the bottom falls out from under me.

My mother has been disabled since the year I graduated high school, meaning 2007. She managed to injure herself back in November 2016 and my dad had to take off work because my mother is wheelchair bound and her ankle was injured, she couldn’t get herself back and forth to the bathroom or to the kitchen to make breakfast, THEN my dad had to have surgery for an issue so he was off work for another six weeks. All in all, he was off for about five months. Now she has managed to hurt her wrist and has issues going to the bathroom and my dad has no way to take off any longer, so I am going to take care of her during the day from 7 am to 2pm-ish, so any full time, 9-5, no weekend working job, is shot.

I can’t leave my parents high and dry without any help, and to hire help is extraordinarily expensive.

Enough about my issues.

I am still on the straight and narrow. I have gone without shopping since the last time I posted. I forget what day I am on already since I went a while without posting anything.

I was able to rekindle a previous passion I forgot I had, music. No, I can’t play anything, I have no rhythm, but I used to go to concerts ALL THE TIME. My husband does not like live music, but I found all my old CDs I left at my parent’s house when I moved out and I’ve been having a wonderful time listening to them and I’m going to put them on the computer soon so I can have them on my phone. Then I’m giving the CDs away, the last thing I need is more clutter.

I came up with a few things to potentially post about, I have already Konmari’d the crap out of my house so I thought I might share that experience, also:

  • My wardrobe
  • Makeup collection
  • Signature makeup look
  • Recipes (I just made scones)
  • The X Effect
  • Going back to school at 28 (shudder)
  • Project 333 previous attempt
  • Book collection, I have a few, and I’d love to use my Kindle more
  • My small wedding
  • All black wardrobe

I need to put my thoughts together more on some of it.

Day 16?/365

Finding Other Focuses

Everyone I know is always attempting a diet or a new exercise plan, my sister (I have one of those, and she has a husband, my lovely brother-in-law), my best friend who lives 1000 miles away, we talk about it all the time. I have a gym membership I haven’t used in awhile.

That is not without reason though, I lost my full-time job in January and since then I have been waitressing. I have a Fitbit and according to that, I walk over 10,000 steps every time I work, sometimes 20,000 on a double. Waitressing is exhausting, I am 28, have been working office jobs since I was 22 and am out of shape. I got a gym membership to Retro Fitness for the spin classes, which I did religiously for a while when I was still working a desk job. I found they worked for me specifically because they were scheduled. It wasn’t up to me when to drag my sorry butt to the gym, I HAD to go. I signed up, I was taking up a spot, I went.

Now with shopping out of my life, I’m finding that I need other things to focus on and I’m trying to figure out what those should be. First thing is going to be my health, not that I’m in bad health but we all have room for improvement. Based on the shifts I mostly work, I can do the spin classes at my gym again! Monday night, Wednesday morning and Saturday morning (as soon as this sinus infection goes away and I can breathe normally again). I’m also back to using the Fitbit app. I usually just let it count my steps so I can kick other people’s butts in the work week challenge, but I’m tracking my food and my water now.

My weakness has always been sweets, chocolate, brownies, especially cookies, have always been my drug of choice. I’m doing my best to cut those out except a little splurge during PMS, because duh.

Update from the last post: I did the thing! I went to BJ’s, got ONLY what I needed. I went to the grocery store and got only what we needed. I am going to start working on a regular list so there are no random purchases there. I made Saag last night at my husband’s request, for the first time, and that was also a success. I did not make one random stop at Target or Marshall’s so I shall pat myself on the back for that one.


Working all weekend hinders shopping

I am currently a waitress. I had a full-time job that imploded in January. But because waitressing is my full-time job and I work with mostly students I get a lot of shifts that other people can’t take. Today is my only day off work this week and I have a very long list of things to accomplish. The only shopping-related things are the grocery store and a trip to BJ’s for K-Cups (mostly for my dad,  I use them occasionally but I mostly use the Keurig adapter for my own coffee). I do love BJ’s though and I love buying things for my house.

The deal is my house does not need anything. I live in a smaller townhome, which is a perfect home for me and the husband currently. Like I have said previously it is us and our two cats and sometime in the future a child or two. I have to be careful with what I bring in. I have been very good at avoiding clutter. Since it is a smaller home, more crap makes it look smaller and more cluttered and I abhor clutter. I’ve done everything in my power to keep it to things we use all the time, I could probably clear out our laundry room a bit if I really sat down to do it (and snuck out the things behind my husbands back, he does not like to get rid of stuff).

I also eat before I go grocery shopping. This is in my best interest because I am one of those people who will buy EVERYTHING that looks good because I’m hungry. I’m on the prowl for healthy snacks, someone on posted a recipe for roasted chickpeas which I am going to try to make today along with my first attempt at Saag.

Maybe I’ll start posting new meals I try? I do like to cook and bake and I need to spice this thing up a bit.

I’m also thinking of doing a summer wardrobe run down soon.





I’m already losing count.

Tabbed browsing is going to ruin me. Anyone know how I can turn it off? It’s too easy to have Facebook, Instagram and Gmail open and then nonchalantly open Amazon, Target, Google Shopping, pick you poison.

Going back to work after vacation/being sick is making it easier because I’m not home as much to shop online, I have less time, and the time I do spend at home is spent doing house-related things.

Vacation is where I did my last shopping. I have super sensitive eyes for a few reasons so I invested in a new pair of Ray Bans ($159) and a new handbag, $120 Guess satchel (which is my drug of choice). Therefore I have not actually done any shopping in a little over a week since we got back.

Like I said previously, this habit has not gotten me in any crazy debt we can’t pay off, I just imagine what we could have saved if I had not been doing it so much. We use one of our credit cards for our monthly spending and pay it off every month. We used a separate card for vacation because it offered no foreign transaction fees, and that is paid off. I would occasionally spend on a store card, Macy’s or Kohl’s, because you would get an extra discount or something. I’d pay it off right away to avoid interest. It was still so much spending though. So much unnecessary spending. I’d like to find a way to track how much I’m saving but my spending wasn’t consistent so I’m not sure how, maybe I can average based on our credit card statements?

Finally feeling like a normal person again, I have the windows open to air out the sick but I think the husband is getting it now. Thank goodness cats can’t get sinus infections from their hoomans.