The Struggle Is Real

Day 3:

I am currently sick. I went to the doctor and they said it should go away on its own or could turn into a sinus infection. Either way, I am currently couch ridden.

Struggling not to internet shop. Being stuck on my super comfy couch makes me want to surf Amazon and Target, looking for things I do not need. I was looking at heels earlier that I’ll never wear because the girls on the show I’m watching wear them consistently and I’m envious they look so dang cute.

I currently own one pair of heels for special occasions and one LBD for weddings/funerals/reunions and the like. I don’t even wear them all the time, I usually end up wussing out and wearing flats.

I am currently going strong besides the purchase of things for sick me, Mucinex, cough drops and nose spray.

I had more to discuss but my head is pretty foggy, just wanted to check in.


You are not required to read this.

This isn’t necessarily for you. It’s more for me. But if it helps you, you’re welcome.

I don’t intend to share anything super personal on here, I’d rather people now know who I am for now. All that’s necessary is the following.

I spend too much. I rely too much on material things to make me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an obsessive shopper, I am not in debt due to shopping. In our time though we have come to rely too much on things to make us happy. I don’t want to be that person anymore.

Starting today, May 16, 2017, I will not be spending for an entire year on extra material things. I only intend to spend on things that I currently use daily and run out of, for example, I don’t cheap out on conditioner, I have thick, curly hair and that would only do me a disservice.

I am a bit of a makeup junkie and I frequent, I have too many things I do not use and about 12 foundations that I do use. I will be using up all of those and only re-purchasing my favorite which is a Clinique (the name escapes me right now).

My closet is currently pretty monotone, I wear a lot of jeans and a lot of black tops, it works for me and it’s easy but I find myself buying every black top I can find when I’m pretty well stocked.

By posting here (I haven’t decided how often yet) I will track my failures and successes in not buying things like clothes, shoes, bags, and extra makeup. Things I use to fill some hole that can’t be filled by material things.

I am hoping to be able to find more passion. I used to read constantly and have gotten away from that. I find that I ignore my husband sometimes because I’m busy looking online for the perfect bag that doesn’t actually exist. I want to bake more, another hobby I got away from. (That’s as much as you’ll get right now, I am married and we have two cats).

Please excuse if this sounds disorganized, this is my first post and I will be working on finding my style and my voice.